AFL footy

On Wednesday I go to my afl training. We were going to play a game Ā ti was fun . Then when we had a game we whereSmashing the game we were going home after the game and I went to McDonald’s because I got an award for a happy meal it was very tasty but then I had to go out to celebrate my dad’s birthday it was very fun we got to play on my dad’s for you playground there And then we went to my dad’s favourite favourite restaurant and we had really good fun there and met up with a lot of old friends

The survival boys

Me and my Friends were playing. In the bush we were camping in the bush. We Set up camp and Went for a little adventure to our playing grounds .That we made and Ā then we went fishing in the

Rivers. Then we went back to camp. Saw a fox making a home in are camp. So we got a spear and told it to back of. Then we made a campfire and went to bed When we woke up and checked it all uP

And get back to the heads in the way that you said was go for a quick clim on the tree.

The fun time

I was in a really big brick Tower in my dream.

Then dad woke up and dad sed.

We are going It gap creek so I jumped.

Out of bed!! I Packed my motorbike gear.

And Close. Put there in the car. We where in the car.

Going to gap creek when we got there we.

Set up camp and I went for a ride.

On my motorbike Ā and I rode but then.

I saw a big brick tower And I thought it was only in my dreams

So I raced back as fast as I could to my dad. We went home

The dinosaur adventure

I was in the jungle waiting for the dinosaurs .to come get stuck in my truck so then I went exploring and then I found I called him broody he was the first biggest baddest. dinosaur out there so then I said .I’m gonna take one of his .tooth to make it tonight and he did not work he took. my eye but I got his tooth so I set up for the night next morning raptor was in my campfire so I had free meat for dinner and lunch and .breakfast and then I saw Broody. again so I ran

The ultimate adventurešŸ¤ šŸ¤

We were in the jungle. It was not good because we were in the Amazon river. in a boatĀ  That is running out of fuel Quickly. We have to find shelter it’s by Amazon river is we found some fresh. water dripping from his big rock and we drank. it was not good and then we caught a fish cooked. it up all the campfire. Shall we grab some sticks and leave me build a shelter Then we got the most important thing a toilet it took along time but we managed to dig a hole . Then we found A stick that

The adventurešŸ¤ 

I was at the go-karting place. I was stuck with my friends. Because we were next door in a holiday Park. My parents are sitting next to the pool. And me and my friend go right to the go-karting place. Which was next door From the holiday park. I was furious because we were trapped!!!! In the go-karting place So me and my friends decided. To go around the park and try to find a way out. We found the equipment that was swags and tent. Also once We were finished with Setting up the equipment. We thought since we were At the go-karting place That we would have some fun. Ā we found the laser blaster that were hidden behind the go-karting charging area. To be continue

Haunted story

Once upon a time there was a party next door to my house and they had tons of balloons but they never ever decided to let anybody have one dollar just for decoration. A kid named Jack here Kicked the balloon that was brown but they told him to never ever do it it was Ā Frightening. And then he went Home that afternoon. Then he went to bed that night and he was Haunted and when he woke up he went downstairs and his mum.was not There and he went to his mums bedroom. She wasn’t there and he had the home phone but he called her she didn’t pick up tried it again didn’t still didn’t pick up so then he decided I’m all alone for the zombie apocalyps